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A one-mile secret

Of all the parks in Lynchburg, one that people often forget about visiting is Riverside Park off Rivermont Avenue. And it’s a perfect place to run a hilly mile or two.

You’ll want to start your run at the entrance, then take a left where cars aren’t allowed toward the old train. Just keep following the path past the train, around the corner, up the tough hill, then past the packet boat, around another curve, onto the gravel portion, then a right at the end of the gravel, then left toward Rivermont. When you hit Rivermont, take a right back to the main entrance. (It makes much more sense when you actually see it vs. what I just wrote.) Total distance: exactly a mile. (Turning around and going the opposite way makes for an excellent two-mile workout.) This is one of the harder miles in Lynchburg and is a key portion of the Virginia Ten Miler.

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