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When I was on track …

I found a file with a track workout from early March. This was two weeks before my half-marathon, so I was in prime shape, and I had done track workouts several weeks in a row. It’s still interesting to compare it to this morning’s workout. The weather was a bit cooler and the workout was about 2 hours later in the morning. I’ll attribute much of the time differences to the different weather conditions, the fact I’m not quite where I want to be as far as being in shape is concerned, the fact the workout was quite different (but it’s still the same distances) and my weekly mileage at the time was higher than where I am now. I’m still in that 10 second window though … and basically 10 seconds within what I did this morning.

800: 3:15
400: 1:27
400: 1:27
800: 3:25
400: 1:25
400: 1:25
800: 3:24
(Each distance had a 400 recovery except for the second 800, which was followed by a mile recovery.)

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