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NASCAR’s finest every morning

October 16, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’m proud of you Chesterfield County – you’re listening to the mandatory water restrictions. Your yard will survive, unless it doesn’t rain ever again or if this winter is snow free.

Anyway, I’ve been wondering lately what the hell is wrong with drivers in the morning. Richmond has relatively good drivers, except between the hours of 7-9 a.m. When running in the mornings, I feel like I’m inconveniencing everyone in my little neighborhood. I think many of them aren’t paying attention, then all of a sudden they see me and dramatically swerve to the left. I’m usually running on the edge of the pavement and get over to the right off the paved part (if it’s there) quick enough. Or if I’m near a parked car, I stay very close to it. But from Monday to Friday in the morning, Richmonders take to the streets like they’re Tony Stewart. I’m sorry you have to get to work so early, but don’t forget to share the road. It’s truly a different story at night and the weekends.

  1. Rob
    October 18, 2007 at 2:47 pm

    Thanks for visiting my site. I like what you are doing over here as well. Good job on the weight loss.

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