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A look back at ’07

December 31, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

While December has been frustrating with being sick and then an injury, I’m not about to let that take away from an awesome 2007. The obvious accomplishment comes from finishing my first marathon in November, which is the whole reason for actually having a blog.

Before my blogging days began in April, I set a PR in a half marathon at the Shamrock Half Marathon in March. My chip time was 1:44:23, just under my goal of 1:45. That race made me really like half marathons a lot. With my foot issues now, it’s tough to set a goal for the 2008 race, but I’d really like to beat that time. I set the bar high for myself with that race last year, but I know I can be faster.

This year has also been a great year with my 5ks. Coming into the year, my fastest 5k was 23:49, which was also my only time under 24 minutes. I broke that time twice — in June I did a 5k in 23:03 and in July I broke the 23-minute barrier with a 5k in 22:42, “winning” my age group. (I was the only one in my age group that race.)

I saw set a PR in the mile (6:26) and 5 miler (36:59), although those two distances are very hard to find in races. I struggled though the extremely cross-country style James River Xterra 10k in May, and then had serious doubts about long distances by running a 30k in October.

I finished the year with 960 miles, well short of 1,000 miles, but much farther than I’ve ever gone before. I didn’t start logging miles until the end of last year — it was always time ran before that, but I know I haven’t ran this much in a year. Despite a bad December, I’ll take an average of 80 miles a month.

I’ve accomplished more this year in running since I started running again in 2004. It’ll be a year I’ll never forget, mostly thanks to the marathon.

As for 2008, I’m starting the year by giving my heel some rest. After I de-Christmas my house and get the boxes out of my way, I’ll be doing some weight-training beginning this week. I’ll probably hold off on running for just a few more days so I can heal my heel. The end of this year has become a lot like last year — I think I want to get through the winter/early spring before making decisions on another “big” race. I definitely have the urge to do another marathon, but I don’t want to stay hurt either.

Happy New Year everybody!!

  1. Non-Runner Nancy
    December 31, 2007 at 5:29 pm

    GREAT YEAR!! You will be healthy and back at it soon. You are smart not to let it get you down. It really was a fabulous year. CONGRATS and hope 08 is a big success.

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