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The streak has ended

Every week so far this year has seen an increase in mileage … until this week. And I’m actually only a mile away from passing last week’s total. The thing is, I’m tired and my body just doesn’t have another mile in me today. After a tough hilly group run yesterday of nearly 6 miles, I cut my long run short today to 8 miles, bringing my weekly total to 24.6 miles. I did creep my mileage past 100 miles in the past 31 days, so I sort of feel like I can say I had a 100-mile month. It’s just an “unofficial” month.

With two weeks to go to the Shamrock Half Marathon, my plan this week is to bump my mid-week mileage up a little bit and shoot for 10 miles as a long run next week. The weather is looking a little more consistent this week, so that’ll make things easier. These up and down temperatures are really starting to bug me — each day is just another day closer to spring!

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