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The mistake of 3

I’ve never been one to run three days in a row. Rarely have I done it. And when I do, that third day seems so worthless. Or if I do, one of those days is usually less than three miles and acts as a recovery run rather than a training run.

Well, I tried running three days in a row this past weekend at a higher mileage, but I just ran out of gas on my long run. Two weeks ago it actually worked, but I took a 36-hour break between Wednesday and Thursday. So after this past weekend, you won’t see me attempting three days in a row of running again like this. I’m not saying I won’t run three days in a row … I’ll just take a much different approach than I did this past weekend.

I felt so tired yesterday, and even this morning I was still struggling. From the waist up I feel great, but the rest of me is exhausted. So today I just walked and did a short jog with my dog, but I’m already looking forward to getting back out there tomorrow. I’m glad that I listened to my body and stopped when I did on Sunday, or else this post might be a completely different story.

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