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This weather can kiss it

After my rant yesterday, I woke up this morning … feeling tired. It was about 20 degrees colder than yesterday, but no wind, so that was nice. Sort of. 50 degrees one day, 30 the next. That kind of swing just makes it tough to keep going. I long for the days of complaining about the heat.

So anyway, after my usual warm-up walk and jog with my wife and dog, I ventured over to the nearby park where I had my mind set on intervals. Like last week, I started off with a quarter mile. My time was 1:49, 20 seconds faster than my first quarter mile a week ago. After a quarter mile cool down, it was another quarter mile. This one was 1:48. It all felt great too — nice and consistent. I then set my sites on a nice steady mile. Not an all-out mile. Just something that felt right. So I managed to log a 7:53 mile.

Overall today I ran 4.5 miles. Everything went well, yet I still feel like I’m in some strange funk. Maybe I’m just ready for the race to get here. Maybe I need a day off work. Who knows. Speaking of work, this weekend I’ll be covering the Colonial Athletic Association tournament — you know, the same league that has George Mason (Final Four in 2006) and Virginia Commonwealth University (the team that beat Duke last year). I mention it for two reasons. No. 1 is it’ll be a pretty cool experience, just like covering the NASCAR race last fall and a recent Democratic dinner where Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both spoke. Secondly, though, it’s possible that this tournament will get in the way of a long run this weekend. I’ll still have time to run, but probably not as much as I’d like. Losing an hour on Sunday won’t help. It’s been a while since “life got in the way,” but at least it’s coming at a time in which I probably need to give my legs a break anyway.

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