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It’s not a clothes hanger

David, this is the weight machine. Weight machine, this is David. For the past year-plus I’ve been one of “those” people. I bought a home gym in early 2007 — I just HAD to have one. “I’ll use it. I need it for cross training,” is what I always said.

Well, using it once every couple of weeks doesn’t really count. At least I’ve never hung any clothes on it. But I’m determined more than ever to finally make this home gym part of me. I want to become one with this thing … or least use it two to three times a week.

This week is the beginning of breaking into a routine. I made a spreadsheet with each of the exercises and squares to include the number of reps I do, as well as which weight I use. Day one yesterday was a reintroduction to this beast. I did at least two sets with each exercise to get a feel for what was comfortable so I’m not going into it blindly next time. By “next time” I mean Wednesday, not two weeks from now.

Lifting weights has always been my weakness, but once it becomes routine I know I’ll like it. In 2004 when I first lost weight, I lifted about once a week, but about mid-way through that year I got into it twice a week. Then toward the end of the year I just kind of stopped and have never gotten into anything regular — generally lifting about once or twice a month.

Speaking of losing weight, I also am getting back into the regular routine of having a “weigh in” day on Fridays. I’ll detail this more later, but am posting now to hold me accountable.

Lastly, I haven’t ran since the 10k. (Well, OK, I did do 0.2 miles yesterday with my dog and felt fine.) Last week was awful with everything since I was sick, but I’m feeling 200 percent better this week. I’m really feeling motivated to just rethink everything when it comes to fitness over the next couple of months. Running will still be my big thing, but lifting weights and biking are already nice change of paces for a short time. My eye will be on the big prize soon enough, but for now I’m content doing other things.

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