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The good, the bad and the ugly of April

17 days of rain totaling more than 8 inches. That sums up Richmond in April. It was very unmotivating at times … every weekend featured rain, so even if I really wanted to go out and run or bike, the weather wasn’t cooperating.

So, let me try and recap this month. First the good. The good really has to be the Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10k early in the month. While my time wasn’t what I would normally want, I was pleased with it and running for a great cause. I also walked more than 30 miles this month. The only other good to come out of this month was lifting weights six times during the month, all of those sessions coming after April 14.

Now to the bad and the ugly – I’ll let you figure out what’s “bad” and what’s “ugly.” Since I’ve basically been getting over an injury, I logged just a little more than 30 miles running. Keep in mind 6.2 miles of that was in one day. My longest run besides the race was only 3 miles. I only biked about 10 miles. When I had the time to bike – mostly on the weekends – it seemed like it was raining.

So, all in all, April has been awful. I’ll see in a couple of weeks if it’s a good thing that I rested up. I’m eager to get back to consistency with running and with everything else and May will be a good test. I had hoped April would be that month, but with a hurt foot and miserable spring weather, it was a little tough to think positively. Now it’s time to move on to bigger and better things …

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