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New, but familiar, kicks

It’s funny how shoes will just all of a sudden be out of miles. Everything was going just fine with my Brooks Adrenaline shoes, until I looked at them last week. Where did the tread go? Then I did the math and realized that I’ve put 200-plus running miles on these shoes, plus several dozen walking miles. Then all of a sudden my last few runs have felt like a bigger-than-usual struggle. For me, I can’t get that 300-500 miles that Runner’s World claims is average for a pair of shoes. But also for me, 200-plus miles is a success. Besides a pair of Brooks last summer, I’ve pretty much been wearing Asics the past few years, but I’m always disappointed in how quickly my overpronating self wears them out — sometimes it’s been the insides of the shoes, not the tread, that wears out first.

So in March, I decided it was time for a change and went back to Brooks. These have been the best pairs of shoes I’ve owned, despite the fact that I ran no races in them. These shoes helped me get over injuries from the winter and early spring; they’ve helped me get back to double digit runs; they’ve been on trails; they’ve been to the beach; they’ve seen my dog slowly increase his miles; they’ve gotten weird reactions because they’re black … this list could go on and on, but most importantly, I’ve had no issues with running while having these shoes.

While it would’ve been nice to get black shoes again, my size seems to be missing in Richmond, so I settled on the green/silver model. I once again had a great experience at the Roadrunner Store in Richmond’s Carytown — for whatever reason, one of the local stores here that’s closer to my house continues to lack in friendliness and good customer service despite being fairly small. After today, I’ve given up hope on them and will only visit that store if that’s where race packets are.

As far as my running this week, I did some quarter-mile intervals yesterday (details below) and once again hit the bike for a short ride today. Four miles seems to be all my tail bone can handle right now, but it’s good to be out there. I cut back on my run today because there’s a 4-mile race tomorrow night that I plan to participate in. It’s really my only chance to have a race tune-up before the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half. I think 4 miles will be a good distance to push myself a bit. It’ll be my first 4-mile race since 2005.

Workouts since last post
Aug. 11 – Walk – 1 (p.m.)
Aug. 12 – Walk – 1; Run – 4.9 (quarter-mile intervals: 1:47, 1:48: 1:49, 1:46)
Aug. 13 – Walk – 0.7; Run – 1.7; Bike – 4.1

  1. Ed Hammerbeck
    August 13, 2008 at 7:44 pm

    That whole 300-500 mile thing is BS. I’ve never gotten more than 250 miles out of a pair of shoes before I have to replace them. By 200 miles, my legs start screaming. By 250-275 the tread is nearly gone.

  2. mangotriathlete
    August 14, 2008 at 9:46 am

    I agree, I get 200 miles max out of shoes, then injury is on its way. Sorry about the bad experience at the store. Shoes really are something to get attached to when they are so perfect. But good luck on the race with the new ones!

  3. David H.
    August 14, 2008 at 11:47 am

    I’m glad to see others thinking the same about the shoes! Every time I read something about shoes, I think I’m the weird one. I think the only way to avoid wearing them out is to run mostly on trails or softer tracks, but that’s not always readily available.

  4. D10
    August 15, 2008 at 12:01 pm

    I love my Brooks. I can usally get a good 350 out. I also only use my running shoes to run in.

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