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In need of a workout

November 18, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

This weekend’s Richmond Marathon festivities (8k, a new half and the marathon) quietly passed without any involvement from me. The weekend almost became a tradition — two years ago I did the 8k, last year was the marathon and until the early baby surprise and my sudden illness I was going to do the 8k this year. When I took my dog out for a walk that morning, though, there was part of me that was glad I wasn’t out there — it was very humid and strangely warm, and then the wind picked up quite a bit. It wasn’t ideal for a race.

But missing out on this weekend has me thinking about 2009. Running a marathon is probably out of the question, but I can’t completely rule it out. At one point this year, I totally ruled out doing the Shamrock Half again in March, but now that I’ve taken time off and joined a gym to avoid training in the cold, the thoughts of doing that race have resurfaced. I still want to do a duathlon, but that’s not until late April, five weeks after Shamrock.

Meanwhile, there’s the desire to just take it “easy” until the summer. By “easy” I mean doing a few shorter races and continuing a lot of cross training until late spring before the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half — haven’t I been saying that for a while now?

I think my issue right now is that my sickness and lack of sleep have prevented me from doing anything in the past week and I have an itch just to run a couple of miles. Sitting still makes me think — when I hit that treadmill tomorrow (I hope), all this craziness will go away.

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