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New gym, another new approach coming

January 12, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Today I got in 4 miles on the new treadmill at the new gym. Both the gym and the run were great. The new treadmill felt a little smoother than the old ones. I initially was just going to do a couple of miles and then hit another piece of new equipment, but I found myself in a zone. I’ve learned that if you’re in a zone on the treadmill, it’s best to just stay on it. Hitting a zone on the ‘mill doesn’t happen often. As part of my run I did two intervals. One was a half mile at 7.5 mph for a quarter mile then a quarter at 8 mph. The second was 3/4 of a mile with increases every quarter of a mile at 7.5 mph, 8 mph and 8.5 mph. My rest times are generally a quarter of a mile at 6.5 mph.

When I left the gym I realized that I need to change up my routine to adjust to my life. While this gym is extremely convenient on my route home, I’m going to have to start coming home first and then working out later. It’s just an adjustment to make with having a baby at home. Conner’s bed time is typically around 7:30, so with cramming in dinner I don’t get to see much of him on nights I go to the gym right after work. Plus after giving myself a quick self tour of the new Gold’s, I realized that I’d like to get longer workouts in. So if I go to the gym around 7:30 or so at night, I won’t feel so rushed to get a workout in and go home. And, very likely, I’ll actually eat less at night doing this. Part of my issue now is I’m extremely hungry when I work out before dinner.

The new gym has a basketball court and I’d love to get back into playing a few times a month. It also has raquetball, which I’ve never played but wouldn’t mind getting into if I met anyone wanting to play. Plus I just want to do more. While running will continue to be the main focus of my fitness, I really enjoy doing all these other things. I don’t want to get crazy or anything … I just want to have time to do what I’m comfortable doing.

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