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Good week to end February

The last week of the shortest month of the year turned out to be a pretty good week. As I mentioned earlier, I had a 10.1-mile bike ride to start off the week; I closed it off with a pretty good 10-mile run yesterday. It was a run filled with everything – part of it was with my dog; part of it was with a group of Lynchburg College alumni; part of it was me taking a slightly different route to catch up to that group; some of it was by myself; there were hills, flat areas, great views of the James River and scary moments with speeding traffic on Richmond’s Huguenot Bridge. It was an adventurous 10 miler.

For the month, I ended with 76.4 running miles — that’s less than last February, but more balanced out with a steady increase throughout the month. Last year’s running miles were 41.2 and 86.5 for the first two months; this year was 59 and the 76.4, which makes more sense from an injury-prevention standpoint. Unlike last year though, this month was full of cross-training. I had a good month on the bike with 30.7 miles; the elliptical saw less activity, but I still logged 6.1 miles in three different workouts. Also for the mileage, tag on 14.6 walking miles. And, lastly, was the stairs initiative at work. Simply put, that’s part of my daily life now and I won’t log the steps anymore. It’s too much to keep up with, but I certainly will not stop doign it.

All in all, I’m very pleased with February. I’m looking forward to March though. Two races, warmer weather, more sunlight … I can’t wait!

  1. Joy
    March 1, 2009 at 4:36 pm

    Excellent February – great job. Definitely can’t wait for March either.

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