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Where is the time going?

It’s so hard to believe that July is 2/3 of the way over. I feel like every post I’m playing catchup, like I don’t have time to write more specifically about workouts. It’s not ideal, but I’m not complaining about it either. That being said, here’s to playing catchup and having some random thoughts.


After Friday’s miserably hot day, Saturday was really nice. But with an afternoon trip planned to see the Washington Nationals with a group of Lynchburg College alumni, and the need to get things cleaned up that morning since my house was dogless and babyless for the first time ever, I put my long run off for another day.

By the time I finally got to my long run – 6.4 miles and more than 17 for the week – it was Sunday evening. It capped off a crazy-busy, but fun-filled weekend.


As I just stated I ran more than 17 miles last week — 17.3 to be exact. This is the fourth straight weekly increase. My goal to make it five weeks in a row this week, scale back for a week and then have another strong four weeks before having a taper week for the race. Talk about time flying by … breaking down training like that makes the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half seem extremely close.


I’ve come to really hate the gym in the summertime. It stinks to go when it’s light outside and be done when it’s still light. In the winter, it’s not so bad. When it’s dark, it’s dark … and it’s easy to just go inside and have a good workout. With some rainy weather today I ventured over to the gym and immediately felt like doing nothing. I did get in 5 miles on the bike and 2 miles on the elliptical machine, but it felt so … I don’t know … kinda worthless.

So I’ve already vowed to run outside tomorrow even if it is raining. The weather forecast for this area shows that we’re stuck in a few days of on and off rain and storms.

  1. July 21, 2009 at 7:08 am

    I can’t believe July is almost over either. I swear it was just the 4th a couple of days ago!

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