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As ready as I can be

This weekend marks the unofficial end of summer — a pretty bizarre but consistent summer for me when it comes to running. When training for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon got under way in June, I got sick; then it seemed like I just couldn’t get things going; and then I strung together a couple of good weeks of running in July to finally make me feel better about things.

But a week from now when I start the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, I don’t have any lofty expectations. Overall, my running miles are less than where I was last year at this time, but when comparing the two previous months before a race, I’m about 10 miles or so ahead of where I was earlier this year for the Shamrock Half. I went into that race with no expectations either and ended up walking away having one of the most satisfying experiences ever. I’ve also had three runs of 10 or more miles this month, much better than my one 10-miler in February. Cross training, even just a little bit, has been an added bonus as well.

My goals for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half have not changed from a couple of weeks ago — if the weather is nice, I’d like to be around 1:50. If it’s humid like last year, I’d like to break 2 hours. With very little speed work this summer and no other races since late March, my eventual goal of breaking my half marathon PR will wait.

* * *

My long run yesterday was quite brutal – 10 miles in some of the most humid conditions this summer. It felt like I jumped in a pool and then tried to run in water-logged clothes. It would have been better running in the rain.

Like I mentioned above, this was my third 10-miler of the month. While I’d like my overall mileage to be higher for the month (around 70 miles), these long runs have left me feeling great. These runs have been the best long runs in quite some time.

Despite missing out on speed and some mileage, one great thing about this summer has been finding my consistency again. It’s been missing for a while.

  1. rob
    August 31, 2009 at 11:56 am

    humidity and running don’t go well together. Great job slogging through your long runs in terrible conditions.

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