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Tales on the 100 push-up journey

September 16, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

When training for a race, seven weeks can often seem like forever. With a half marathon, it can often mean the different of a 6-mile long run and a 12-mile long run. When I have seven weeks to go for a race, I never feel anxious about it. So why does doing the 100 push-up challenge make me feel different? Perhaps because it’s such a unique challenge.

The first full week was surprisingly easy. Sure it was different, but it made me feel great. But today — week 2, day 2 — I suddenly had a sense of dread before doing it. It was like a long run I didn’t really want to do, but had to do it anyway. With this program, I can’t really miss a day, especially on week 2 that calls for an exhaustion test before starting week 3. And, unlike running, I can’t really take it easy. Push-ups are push-ups … running can be as slow or fast as I want it to be.

So tonight was just tough for some reason, but I pulled out sets of 10, 12, 9, 9 and 15 for a total of 55. By set No. 2 I wanted to stop. I tried giving myself extra time between sets, but that didn’t really help. My arms just felt on fire tonight. I’m not sure how I even maxed out at 15 for the last set. When I went for a 16th, my arms had nothing else to do with me. Two hours later, they feel like they’re going to fall off my body.

But I did it and I’m stronger because of it …

  1. michjoy61
    September 16, 2009 at 8:12 pm

    Wait until you get to week 4!

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