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Bread belly?

OK, I’ll admit it. I still eat too much. However, I am eating better. In these first two months of the year I have cut back on many foods I absolutely love, ate a lot more fruit and gone back to ordering veggies instead of fries the few times I have eaten out.

But last week when the scale seemed stuck again, I took a long hard look at my diet and knew what I had to do: cut out the bread. Every meal on Friday, which is my “cheat” day anyway, had bread in it. I know what some people will already say — you just have to eat less of it and eat the right kind. It’s not that simple. I grew up in the South where, guess what? Families eat and eat and eat and eat bread of all kinds.

When I was in college, a northern friend pointed out to me that when I ate I had a fork in one hand and bread in the other to scoop the food onto the fork. Then I looked around — so did everyone else in my life. It seems lately to fulfill my hunger I go for bread. At work if I get hungry, it’s very easy for me to grab a sandwich instead of opting for the apple I brought.

While I’m content that I have lost some weight, I know I can do better with my eating. The changes I have made are working a little bit, but I really think getting rid of bread will go a long way.

This does not mean that others around me have to stop eating bread. (Mom, I know you’re reading this …) Six years ago when I lost weight, I completely cut out things like cake. People felt bad for eating “that stuff” around me. It didn’t faze me. I know this first week may be a bit tough, but once I get through it I’ll be OK. I already had to avoid the temptation of a biscuit tonight. Normally I would have had two.

My overall goal is to lose weight slowly, but I really, really want to get back into the 180s before race day on March 21. Like I mentioned before, my first goal is to get back to 189.9 and then set another goal. Like with my running, this is a huge overarching goal for this year and beyond. I’m not planning to void bread out of my diet forever, but I need to learn how to get back into control of things. Taking it out completely for a while with an occasional “cheat” is a step that just works for me.

  1. March 2, 2010 at 8:36 am

    That sounds like a great idea, and I’m sure it will bring about results. Not that bread itself is bad really, it’s just the ability to be pretty mindless when it comes to eating it (at least thats how it is for me).

  2. March 2, 2010 at 11:37 am

    Bread is definitely my kryptonite and I’ve banned eating it at home as you know. I still have some occasionally when I go out and that is much better.

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